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Scompler is an innovative, web-based software for marketing and communication that takes the shared understanding of content, coordinated work with topics and channel-neutral thinking in stories to a new level. Scompler was developed primarily for the strategic management of newsrooms and includes all content from social media, content marketing, editorial, press and internal communication. All departments work together on a single platform to achieve the best possible coordination and transparency. The software includes all modules relevant to strategic content management, such as topic management, personas, stakeholder journey, editorial planning and calendar, workflows, automated publishing in social networks, community management, data dashboards and reporting. The methodology of Scompler is closely related to Christoph Moss' newsroom model.

Scompler significantly improves communication for your company: topics are clearly structured and you focus on the strategically important topics. Content is planned in a channel-neutral way, all content can be found by everyone and silos dissolve. You ensure that every measure contributes to your strategy and can prove the planned value contribution. Your communication is better planned, better coordinated, more effective and more transparent for everyone. The introduction is quick and iterative: you can use Scompler for individual areas first and then expand it step by step to other areas. And thanks to the centralized methodology, all areas can be connected to each other.

For your employees, Scompler makes daily work with all types of content easier: no more Excel lists, no dozens of tools, instead real-time collaboration, clear structures, processes, overviews and reports, as well as many work aids such as image editing, task management, translation and text aids, right through to automated publishing to social networks. In addition, Scompler acts like a coach that helps to create a state-of-the-art content strategy and supports users in implementing the strategy in their everyday work. In this way, Scompler becomes one, perhaps even THE "leading" communication tool.

We support you throughout the entire process. From strategy development to the definition of processes, the introduction of a new organizational form to onboarding, training and coaching: together with our consulting and implementation partners, we are always at your side with help and advice.

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The SCOM process of integrated content and communication management. Scompler supports you in creating your content in a topic-based and channel-neutral way as a team across disciplines.

  • You map all relevant elements of your strategy in the content strategy and use it to control implementation in day-to-day business
  • In the topic architecture, you define the topics that are relevant to you. It is the most important element of your content strategy.
  • In story planning, you implement your topics in a channel-neutral and target group-specific way for your personas in the respective phases.
  • In content planning, you determine the specific formats you want to use to implement your stories.
  • In content production, Scompler supports you in all phases of content implementation as a team.
  • For content distribution, Scompler offers various options for automatic distribution and community management.
  • In the content analysis you can see how which topics and which content worked. This is the basis for further strategy and planning.

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Proven at more than 350 companies from NGOs to DAX companies with 5 to 500 Scompler users, some of which use Scompler worldwide:

Why good content is more than just reach and engagement

"Content is not hype or a fad, but a business necessity. You need content everywhere in your company and in marketing: for SEO, for social media, for sales, for PR, for corporate publishing, for your customer support. Every area benefits from good content, good stories, coordinated information and consistent messages. And with the right processes, you can save a lot of money and become much more efficient.

But "more content" is no longer enough to be seen. Create better content: quality beats quantity. And that across the board with a professional communication management system. First in the team, then in the medium term throughout the entire marketing department and the entire company. Developed by experienced content strategists, Scompler enables you to achieve better content operations and better content results.

The question of "what for?"

The dolphin principle as the key to content transformation.

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The SCOM Solutions: Solutions individually tailored to you

SCOM Newsroom

Are you looking for a powerful tool to run your newsroom? The Content Command Center from Scompler is not only perfect for organizing newsrooms, it has also been tried and tested in countless companies, from DAX companies to SMEs.

SCOM Social Media

You want to build a community around a shared purpose instead of just chasing reach and engagement? Scompler helps you build all your social media content around a compelling idea. We also offer publishing and community management.

SCOM Gendern

Are you wondering how to deal with the issue of "gendering" in your company? The answer to this question is actually not that easy to answer. There are many good arguments in favor of the generic masculine not being sufficient.

SCOM Stratecution

Do you want your team to really put your content strategy into practice on a day-to-day basis? A content strategy is more than just pixie dust that you sprinkle over your employees and everything runs smoothly. Then you also need to ensure that it is implemented in everyday life.